Making a living at what we loved to do as children is something we usually associate with athletes or musicians. But the same is true with Mike. The moment he was old enough to grasp a crayon, he started drawing—and never looked back. Mike earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation from the University of the Arts and has traded in the crayon and construction paper for a stylus and tablet with which he commands all the latest graphics software. His animation background and a strong design sense combine to give him a killer motion design combo. With over 15 years experience in the broadcast industry, Mike has been an integral part of the team working with clients such as XFINITY, Discovery, Hulu, ABC, Food Network, and VH1.

Most recently he responsible for the rebranding of alkemy x which won a ADCP Louix Award for Logo Design (Corporate). He was also the Animation / Art Director as well as design team manager on the Hulu documentary Batman & Bill. And is currently Art Director on Xfinity’s On Demand show, Watch Central as well as their weekly What To Watch Videos.